Rehab Care

You May Need a Helping Hand While You Recuperate

You May Need a Helping Hand While You Recuperate

Request rehab transition care services in Overland Park, KS

It's difficult to do chores when you can't move around like you used to. Whether you're wearing a cast or in a wheelchair, you need to focus on recuperating, not how you'll do house chores. Home Sweet Home Care Services Agency can provide you with rehab care at home, so you can do just that.

Our caretakers in Overland Park, KS can...

Give you a ride home from the hospital
Do dishes, laundry and other household chores for you
Remind you to exercise and help you do those activities if needed

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Our at-home rehab care program is for those recovering from surgery and other major procedures. By providing your loved one with rehab transition care services, they needn't stay overnight at a sterile, unfamiliar facility instead of at home in Overland Park, KS.

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